Are there any special products needed to maintain an epoxy garage floor coating?

Epoxy floors don't need soap or warm water, and a good mop or brush for scrubbing covers should be fine. If you need extra cleaning power, use something like a mild soap to help with the heaviest spills. The cleaning solution that works best for epoxy and other garage floor coverings is ammonia. Use ½ cup of ammonia in a gallon of hot water in a bucket.

It should never be necessary to use aggressive detergents or solvents and it is recommended not to use them. If the epoxy floor in the garage gets really dirty, you can mix in some dishwashing liquid or some Simple Green and wash the floor with that and a garden hose. Pressure washing is no longer necessary, but it's OK to do so if you want. Just don't point the nozzle at zero.

It's very simple and easy to keep your epoxy floor looking like new. Also keep in mind that while vehicle fluids will have no effect on the epoxy finish of the floor, especially if you used a military-grade top coat. It's never a good idea to leave aggressive solvents, such as brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner, or battery acid, on the floor for longer than necessary. As resistant as garage floor coverings are to dirt and stains, they require routine cleaning maintenance to maintain their shine.

If you let dust and dirt remain on the surfaces of epoxy floors, they will be embedded in the floor and cause scratches when you move, move machines or drive. I spilled the rust remover on the floor and it looks like it has taken the color off the epoxy floor. Whether you're cleaning an epoxy floor on a garage floor, a commercial kitchen, or a busy warehouse, you'll do it easily and in a shorter period compared to other flooring options, such as carpet or tile. Once the epoxy floor has been cleaned, what is the best thing to do to bring this old epoxy floor (2) back to life? Although it's easy to maintain, there are a few things you shouldn't do when cleaning garage floors with epoxy that you should keep in mind.

Vinegar is acidic and should not be used on floor coverings or it may discolor (white spots and stripes). If you're not sure what floor covering you have, contact the industry experts at Paradigm Concrete Finishes for help. Epoxy is highly resistant to dust, dirt and liquids, so cleaning the floor covering is a simple task. A safe way to sterilize floors without peeling the epoxy would be to use the following scrubbing mix.

OK, I bought my house a couple of years ago and it has a nice layer of epoxy on the garage floor. It was getting dirty, so last spring I went to the local hardware store to buy a cleaner and they sold me a citrus-based cleaner. These types of cleaners contain acids that can slowly decay the finish of epoxy and other floor coverings over time. The first reason is that epoxy floors can be installed anywhere there is concrete to make the concrete surface more durable and durable.

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