Can you put 2 coats of epoxy on garage floor?

For best results, you should apply two coats of epoxy resin for garage floors. Before applying the first coat, be sure to apply a primer to the floor first. Most garage floors require a full day to prepare and repair. The epoxy coating is then applied with brushes or rollers.

A durable floor will require at least two layers of epoxy, which must be cured overnight between layers. Once the last layer has been placed, it's best to wait at least three days before allowing the vehicle to enter the garage; complete cure can take up to two weeks. Glossy epoxy coatings, used for years to seal concrete floors in commercial and industrial buildings, are increasingly appearing in residential garages. If the existing epoxy floor coating is peeling off or showing other signs of delamination, then you don't want to apply it with epoxy.

The most common ones are for people who have already applied a layer of color and now realize that they want to get the shiny look and benefits of applying a clear coat. As long as the previous layer has adhered very well, the preparation will be good and a new layer can be applied over it. If the coating is quite worn out and looks more concrete than epoxy, then you'll want to start from scratch by shredding the floor. Colors and patterns Coating contractors know that the main reason for the growing popularity of epoxy floors is the surprise factor.

Do the same if you have a worn coating that adheres very well, but has some stains where the coating has worn down to the concrete. The key to applying a new layer is to mechanically roughten the surface of the previous layer to create enough bite for the epoxy to adhere to it. So let's discuss how to determine if your soil meets the requirements for a new layer, and then how to prepare it before doing so. Sometimes it's as simple as when someone planned a multi-layer flooring system and waited too long between coats, leaving the epoxy to harden, before applying the next coat to obtain a chemical bond.

Once you clean the floor with denatured alcohol, you're ready to apply a new layer of epoxy or floor covering of your choice. As long as the existing garage floor covering is a 2-part resinous product, such as epoxy, polyurea, polyaspartic or polyurethane, you can apply an additional layer of a compatible product without problems. If you have an old transparent layer that you want to renew, you will first have to use 80 to 100 grit sandpaper or a 60 to 80 grit sanding screen to remove a small layer of the coating. The most important step for successful epoxy work is the preparation of the slab, which takes much longer than applying the coating.

Colors tend to be shown through white and that is why it is usually required to apply a layer of white epoxy primer first, followed by a layer of white epoxy with a high solid content of solids, sometimes two.

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