How do you maintain an epoxy floor?

Scrub your floor's epoxy coating thoroughly on a weekly basis. Repair any scratches or gouges on the floor covering. Keep up to date with stain prevention, 26% removal. Remove any rubber burns from the floor covering.

Thorough scrubbing the floor every week will ensure that the epoxy coating has a clean and smooth surface. Depending on the amount of traffic your floor receives, scrubbing twice a week may be necessary. Avoid using hardbristled brushes, as they will damage the floor. For the regular cleaning of your epoxy floor, a simple mop will work wonders.

Applying the mop once a week is the best way to clean epoxy floors and accumulate strangling dust or dirt. If you want, you can also use a hose to wash all the floor and then use a squeegee to absorb the debris. Every three to four months it may be necessary to scrub more vigorously to obtain a clean epoxy floor. This is especially the case when your flat is heavily trafficked by vehicles or machinery.

You'll need a hard foam mop, as a thread mop will leave marks and won't clean epoxy floors as efficiently. If your floor is exposed to outdoor elements, such as rain, sleet, or snow, be sure to clean it vigorously at least once a month. This cleaning solution does not tarnish the floor over time, but rather helps maintain the epoxy finish and can help restore its non-slip characteristics. Even when these heavy objects are continuously moving across the floor, the surface of the epoxy floor will maintain a very high gloss.

If you already have epoxy floors or are thinking about it, you'll know how easy it is to maintain them. Pli-Dek's excellent epoxy floor coating products are designed to work smoothly and maintain their shine for many years after installation. By now you'll know the best way to maintain your new floor for your brewery and you'll be able to get a clean epoxy floor quickly and easily.

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