How do you remove an epoxy garage floor coating?

If you can't rub it with the cloth, use a plastic scraper to gently remove it. Purchase a stripper or solvent online or at your local home goods store. Make sure it's the right one to remove epoxy paint. Dilute it according to the instructions and apply it to the painted floor surface with a mop.

Use rotating movements and make sure that the floor is completely covered. The best way to remove epoxy from a concrete floor once it has cured is to use a tool such as a spatula or chisel and simply scrape it off. If necessary, use a hammer to break the epoxy. In this step, you can opt for an aerosol stripper and generously spray the area with a thick layer.

This product works very well as an organic and less dangerous stripper. Other chemicals such as paint stripper or methylene chloride may need a little longer to take effect. That's where hard work comes into play. Grab the scraper, the thermal gun and go to the city with that epoxy.

To avoid any back pain, try using a scraper with a long handle. Once you've covered the entire floor with the mixture with the mop and left it, you'll have to scrape it off. If you bought an old house with the garage floor painted, there's a good chance they used epoxy paint. The same features that make epoxy floors desirable also make it difficult to remove them from concrete.

In addition, if the epoxy coating made by yourself was not applied correctly, its removal could require the services of an expert. From flooring and wall tiles to its artistic uses of resin, epoxy has left its mark on many industries, but that's not the only mark it has left. While there are many floors in your house that can be sealed with epoxy, one of the most common could be your garage floor.

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