When should you not epoxy garage floor?

Epoxy coatings are good for some surfaces. But it's not the best choice for your garage floor. Epoxy is prone to yellowing, chipping and accumulating hot tires, which can ruin the appearance of the garage floor. Concrete is a much better, more durable option for high-traffic areas, such as your garage.

If there is obvious moisture, the floor cannot be covered. Similarly, if a concrete sealant has been used on the floor before, you will not be able to apply an epoxy coating. Much of the first day will be spent cleaning and degreasing, removing oil stains, and etching the garage floor in preparation for coating. These are some of the steps and considerations that anyone doing a garage floor resurfacing project should take, including when is the best time of year to do this work.

Before you buy all the necessary supplies and dedicate an entire weekend to this project, you'll want to test your garage floor to make sure it's suitable for an epoxy coating.

Frederick Lilla
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