Which garage floor coating is best?

If you like the idea of an epoxy floor coating but don't want to do it yourself, an industrial-quality epoxy floor coating can be applied by a professional. Industrial-grade epoxy will use a better, stronger chemical blend that lasts longer than things bought in stores. Professional installers will also know how to apply the epoxy coating so that it adheres to concrete. They'll start by diamond polishing the concrete surface, creating the right surface profile that allows the epoxy to adhere to the concrete.

This will create a durable coating. The best coating you can apply to your garage floor will be a premium multi-layer epoxy system. It will consist of a coat of primer, a 100% solid base coat, pieces of acrylic-colored paint if desired, and one or two upper coats of transparent epoxy or polyurethane. It's not uncommon for a floor like this to be 30 to 40 thousandths of an inch thick.

These types of floor systems can last 15 to 20 years or more. The high gloss of this Seal Krete protective sealant gives a cohesive look to concrete floors that are bare or covered with epoxy paint, dyes or other lacquers, and provides anti-peel protection. Some floor coverings can be applied by yourself, and others are best applied by a professional garage floor coating team. By using epoxy coatings for concrete, you can extend the life of the concrete surface and, at the same time, make it easier to clean.

So remember that when choosing the best epoxy coating for your garage floor and the budget is to make sure you have enough to cover your floor. Garage floor paints aren't usually as strong as epoxy or polycuramine, but they're ideal for buyers who care about their budget or for anyone looking for the next step of protection for a sealed but unpainted or uncovered garage floor. Most professional floor covering contractors and garage floor coating companies use their own commercial-grade product and will not apply anything that is provided to them. Although it's not the cheapest garage floor covering, for its price it's one of the best DIY garage floor coverings available that you can buy in kit form.

Stronger than epoxy, this glossy polycuramine floor coating is an excellent solution for garage floors, especially if you need greater durability. And finally, if you apply the floor covering yourself, choose an epoxy manufacturer with good customer service to ensure a good experience and a quality floor. Consumers who want to apply a homemade coating to their garage floor are often familiar with the terms “garage floor coating kit”, epoxy paint kit, etc. What would be needed is to sand the tire marks and then ungloss the entire floor with 120 grit sandpaper and then apply a new transparent coat to the entire floor.

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